Having attended a seminar covering the field of renewable energy from an investment, technology and political angle, I can say that John Massey is a source of inspiration. He stands out with his capabilities as an instructor fuelling discussions as well as having a broad knowledge base of his own.Anders Thorsen, Chief Underwriter, Eksport Kredit Fonden

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Updated Agenda: EVs and Power Systems (2018)

I've just updated the agenda details for my new "Electric Vehicles & Power Systems" course, coming soon in 2018 ...

NEW: Online Calculators

I've brought together various online calculators and numerical tools, found elsewhere on the site, into a single handy listings page ...

Coming Soon: New EV Course!

A thorough introduction into issues around the shift from conventional to electric vehicles, viewed from the perspective of the power system ...

Aug 17: Virtual Library Updated

The virtual library has been updated: now over 120 free recommended reading links! ...

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Variable Renewables & the Options for Large-Scale “Flexibility”

Electricity systems must supply power when users demand it, so integrating renewables creates growth opportunities for solutions which solve the variability issue ...

EVs & Electricity Demand

How much extra energy do we need, if all cars go electric? Read the article, then explore for yourself with a simple online calculator ...

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New Horizons Energy’s Cape Town W2E plant

This waste-to-energy project isn't about electricity: in bioenergy projects you always need to consider the business and market alternatives ...

The Aurora CSP Project, South Australia

The Aurora CSP project in South Australia will be one of the world's biggest energy storage projects, for "dispatchable" solar ...

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