I can easily say that it was the best investment I ever made for my professional development. John is a wonderful communicator and has the ability to translate the most complex technical matters into the simplest of words.Aun Mela, Renewable Energy Analyst, Saudi Aramco

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Diary Dates

Wondering where I'll be during the year? Here are some diary dates ...

New: “Managing Risk in Offshore Wind”

"Managing Risk in Offshore Wind Projects" is a new training collaboration between myself and Charley Rattan, independent wind power consultant ...

Two Agenda Updates for 2018

Both the Renewable Power MiniMBA and Energy Storage agendas have been updated for 2018! ...

Dec 17: Virtual Library Update

The "virtual library" of recommended reading has had another refresh - now over 135 links! ...

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Webinar: Analysing Peak Power in South Australia

A 1-hour webinar explaining and quantifying why peak power demand is so problematic and expensive - and how much energy storage capacity might help ...

Analysing Extremes of Peak Demand: South Australia in 2017

When considering business cases around peak power (storage, for example), it's important to start quantifying the time, power and energy numbers involved ...

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   Project Examples:   

Enspire ME’s Jardelund Battery Storage Plant

A strategically-sited battery project, designed to compete against coal and gas in Germany's primary reserve (frequency control) market ...

Nissan: Blurring the Boundaries between Transport & Power

Electric vehicle manufacturers are stepping into the energy business: here I review a series of example activities by just one of them, Nissan ...

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