Podcast: The UK Energy Scene (May 2019)

Yes, it’s another “New Energy Chinwag!”

By John Massey & Charley Rattan
chinwag: noun. “a long and pleasant conversation between friends”
[example: “We had a good chinwag over a bottle of wine…”]
Informal but Informative – your guide to issues around the UK and global clean energy transition
In this episode…

In May, we visited the All-Energy show in Glasgow, UK. It’s just about the biggest clean energy show here in the UK, so a good event to catch the mood  of the industry and hear what they are talking about. 

Regular listeners will have already listened to our preview of the show. So how close were we when anticipating what would be the key themes there? Now you can find out: here’s our post-event wrap-up! (spoiler: we were pretty much on the money, but as always there were some interesting specifics and extras to highlight).

Enjoy… and feel free to get in touch with any comments or suggestions for our future discussions.

web: www.astutenewenergy.com

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