Podcast: Electric Transport, Battery or Hydrogen?

Yes, it’s another “New Energy Chinwag!”

By John Massey & Charley Rattan
chinwag: noun. “a long and pleasant conversation between friends”
[example: “We had a good chinwag over a bottle of wine…”]
Informal but Informative – your guide to issues around the UK and global clean energy transition
In this episode…
The energy world is sometimes prone to debates where two sides of an argument take up entrenched, ‘winner takes all’ positions. One example of this at the moment is the discussion around electric vehicles: in particular, will the electricity to power those vehicles come out of a battery or a fuel cell (the latter fuelled by hydrogen)? It sounded like an excellent question for a relaxed, non-partisan chat; and once again we recorded this for – we hope! – your enjoyment.
Enjoy… and feel free to get in touch with any comments or suggestions for our future discussions.

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