“New Energy Chinwag” (Podcast Series)

The ‘New Energy Chinwag’ podcast series

chinwag: noun. “a long and pleasant conversation between friends”
[example: “We had a good chinwag over a bottle of wine…”]
In some topic areas, hydrogen and offshore wind in particular, I work together with renewable power project veteran Charley Rattan as ‘Astute New Energy‘. We chat regularly about issues within the energy industry, particularly the transition towards low-carbon sources, and it seemed only natural to start recording some of these conversations – and then to share them with the wider world. 

Thus came into existence the “New Energy Chinwag” series of podcasts!

You can go to any of the episodes by clicking links in the table below. You can also sort, search and filter the table.
Alternatively, you can find us at https://anchor.fm/astutenewenergy/ (where you’ll find links to listen and subscribe to us on other channels which you may prefer, such as Spotify and iTunes)
wdt_IDDateEpisode NameKeywordsLink
105 Jun 2020A Cape Canaveral of Hydrogen?hydrogenhttps://anchor.fm/astutenewenergy/episodes/A-Cape-Canaveral-of-Hydrogen-ef1rqa
228 May 2020CCS: Carbon Capture and Storagecarbon, hydrogenhttps://anchor.fm/astutenewenergy/episodes/CCS-Carbon-Capture-and-Storage-eem76s
316 May 2020Covid & Clean Energyrenewable, offshore, windhttps://anchor.fm/astutenewenergy/episodes/Covid--Clean-Energy-ee4jjb
410 May 2020The Lure of Industrial & Energy Clustershydrogen, offshore, windhttps://anchor.fm/astutenewenergy/episodes/The-Lure-of-Industrial--Energy-Clusters-eds2ed
519 Apr 2020Innovation & Supply Chains (with an eye on Offshore Wind)offshore, wind, renewablehttps://anchor.fm/astutenewenergy/episodes/Innovation--Supply-Chains-with-an-eye-on-Offshore-Wind-ecvrqu
605 Apr 2020Talking Hydrogen in the northwest of England with Amer Gaffarhydrogenhttps://anchor.fm/astutenewenergy/episodes/Talking-Hydrogen-in-the-northwest-of-England-with-Amer-Gaffar-ecdfvf
713 Mar 2020Energy Storagestorage, renewable, batteryhttps://anchor.fm/astutenewenergy/episodes/Energy-Storage-ebg8ft
805 Mar 2020A comeback for onshore wind & solar in the UK? (and other news...)wind, solarhttps://anchor.fm/astutenewenergy/episodes/A-comeback-for-onshore-wind--solar-in-the-UK--and-other-news-eb9hap
928 Feb 2020Approaches to Integrating Renewables: California Revisitedrenewable, california, US, solarhttps://anchor.fm/astutenewenergy/episodes/Approaches-to-Integrating-Renewables-California-Revisited-eb4kgs
1017 Feb 2020Decarbonisation and the Oil & Gas Industryfossil, oil, gas, offshore, wind, hydrogenhttps://anchor.fm/astutenewenergy/episodes/Decarbonisation-and-the-Oil--Gas-Industry-easpui
DateEpisode NameKeywords