Opportunity & Risk in Offshore Wind Projects

An essential briefing to identify opportunities and plan for risks within a fast-growing market 

How can you plan a project today that will enter the electricity market of tomorrow?

A business-focused seminar designed to provide the key stakeholders* in offshore wind projects with an accessible and concise, yet comprehensive, understanding of the many factors which introduce uncertainty and risk into the planning of these capital-intensive and lengthy projects.
In particular, two complementary experts are brought together to provide a uniquely wide-ranging perspective; one which explains and interconnects both macro (market environment) and micro (practical project planning) risk factors within the discussion.
Offshore wind projects are both long to deliver and large in scale and investment need, opening up significant forward and strategic planning issues that this programme will highlight.

(* including investors, utilities, supply chain players, policymakers and planners)

Course co-presenters

Dr John MasseyManaging DirectorGrey Cells Energy Ltd.

I help commercially-minded executives analyse new opportunities & risks in the fast-changing electricity sector.

John is an industry analyst and business trainer with over 25-years commercial experience in examining and explaining competitive environments, technology trends and their economic and business case impacts.

(Explore my CV at linkedin.com/in/drjohnmassey)


Charley RattanIndependent Renewable Energy Consultant & DirectorProfit from Principles Ltd.

I provide expertise at every stage of the project life-cycle ensuring due diligence throughout.

Charley is a respected industry professional with a reputation for managing projects that are delivered on time, safely and within budget; within both onshore and offshore environments, over more than a decade.

(Explore Charley’s CV at linkedin.com/in/charley-rattan)

Summary & key features

What to expect

  • A clear, independent and business-focused introduction
  • Language designed for non-engineers; particularly senior, commercial executives, investors, policymakers and other project stakeholders
  • Content developed by two complementary experts to review both internal and external project risk factors
  • A time-effective two-day programme (can be extended)
  • A highly interactive, conversational delivery style

Key Questions Addressed include:

  • What are the key drivers of risk and financial return in offshore wind projects?
  • Which policy and market trends are essential to consider in forward planning?
  • How will key emerging technologies, including floating and giant turbines, impact projects?
  • Which are the key delivery risks at various stages in a project’s life?
  • What is the “Rochdale Envelope” and why is it essential to future-proof project planning?
  • How are project delivery risks and external market environment risks interdependent?

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal if you are from…

  • The investment community
  • A policymaking, permitting or planning organisation
  • The offshore wind supply chain
  • An offshore energy project developer
  • Another key stakeholder organisation (e.g. NGO)
Agenda details

(The agenda as shown below is designed to run over 3-days. Contact info@greycellsenergy.com to discuss customisation)

Offshore wind today

  • A review of market growth and key geographies, current and emerging.
  • The evolution of offshore wind farms and their components.
  • The changing competitiveness and market fit of offshore wind.

Risks & returns

  • Understanding the financial model and its key variables; including performance, costs & financing structures.
  • Illustration through a simple financial model (Excel).
  • A framework for linking issues of risk back to the business and investment case.
  • Selling offshore wind: auctions, utilities, corporates & markets.

Policy environments

  • Differentiating “subsidy” from “support” (and why it matters).
  • The policy and socioeconomic drivers behind offshore wind.
  • Targets and licensing plans.
  • Support sustainability and future policy risks.

Emerging technologies

  • Getting bigger: the implications of 10MW+ turbines.
  • Integrating sister technologies: “offshore energy parks” and “hydrogen hubs”
  • Energy storage: why, what and where?
  • Interconnection growth, including shared offshore grids.

Floating Wind

  • Floating turbine status report: pilots and projects
  • Design & energy production pros and cons
  • Cabling & grid export issues
  • identifying the key market applications and growth potential

Risk & Project Development

  • The end-to-end process of creating an offshore wind farm, including realistic timescales (and influences).
  • Identifying key points of risk, along with their impacts.
  • Understanding grid planning and requirements.

Permitting & The Rochdale Envelope

  • Incorporating uncertainty and strategic thinking into the planning & permitting process.
  • Scenario mapping and testing to define cases for consent.
  • Stakeholder management and guidance.
  • Arriving at a final, risk-minimised project design


  • “Buildability” and the factors that determine it.
  • Construction and the supply chain, including innovations and recent learning.
  • Risk mitigation and key contracts.


  • Identifying the impact of key market, development and construction failures on the operational phase.
  • Reducing O&M risk: innovations and best practices.
  • Repowering and decommissioning, planning and implementation.

Risk review

  • An offshore wind risk checklist, from business planning to practical delivery

Availability & inquiries

Training for your company:

  • The course can be delivered at your company premises or preferred venue, for small groups (max 20 people)
  • Pricing is on a transparent day-rate basis, according to location (inquire below)
  • The agenda above is the recommended “off-the-shelf” agenda, but limited customisation is possible (inquire below).

Training for individuals:

  • Grey Cells Energy does not currently organise open/public courses, but does work as an “associate trainer”, via larger 3rd-party event organisers. Contact info@greycellsenergy.com or inquire below for the latest calendar dates.
  • If you are interested in remote learning – covering some or all of the topics on a one-to-one basis via the Internet – inquire below.

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