New: “Opportunities in Onshore Wind”

I’m delighted to announce another new collaboration between myself and Charley Rattan, independent wind power expert!


NEW COURSE:New Opportunities for Onshore Wind Projects

Onshore wind has been characterised in recent years mainly by falling costs and incremental improvements in efficiency and performance. The reduction in costs is already bringing onshore wind into the scope of “subsidy-free” viability, including new sources of off-take such as corporate purchasers and even exposure to merchant electricity markets. On the project design side, the rapid emergence of energy storage brings the promise of more flexible, even dispatchable wind power – opening up opportunities for new business models and revenue streams. Elsewhere, developers are investigating the co-location of wind generation with other sources such as solar, to extend cost advantages through the sharing of key infrastructure such as grid connections.

In short, onshore wind is entering an exciting new phase where simple cost reduction is not enough. Successful developers in future will grab new opportunities by innovating not only on wind technology and project design, but through clever integrations with other technologies and within alternative business and market structures.

This new course will examine the trends and developments to help you do just that!

I am an industry analyst and business trainer with over 25-years commercial experience in examining and explaining competitive environments, technology trends and their economic and business case impacts.

Charley is a respected industry professional with a reputation for managing projects that are delivered on time, safely and within budget; within both onshore and offshore environments, over more than a decade.

Together, we can deliver a uniquely wide-ranging and completely independent view of onshore wind projects, including the changing market and technological environments in which they will exist going forwards.

Click below for all the details, or get in touch via to inquire about course delivery to your team.


Further info:New Opportunities for Onshore Wind Projects


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