New: “Managing Risk in Offshore Wind”

I’m delighted to announce a new collaboration between myself and Charley Rattan, independent wind power expert!


NEW COURSE:Managing Risk in Offshore Wind Projects

Offshore wind has seen dramatic cost reductions here in Europe and continues to receive strong policy support in terms of targets, licensing and supply chain. As costs have come down and installation lessons have been learnt, so other parts of the globe – the US and Asia in particular – have seen increased activity in the sector. Massive new turbines bring the promise of greater economies of scale and increased energy production. Floating turbines continue on their path from pilot projects to commercial reality, promising to open up new wind markets and resources that were previously impossible to tap into. In short offshore wind is a strong growth sector.

These are big, capital-intensive projects – so understanding sources of risk is crucial.

However their size and complexity also means they are projects that take several years of development and planning – so you need to plan a project today that will enter the electricity market of tomorrow.

In short, you need to understand risk influences both now and in the future; both the practicalities of project delivery and the evolving policy and market environments within which the project exists.

This new course helps you do just that!

I am an industry analyst and business trainer with over 25-years commercial experience in examining and explaining competitive environments, technology trends and their economic and business case impacts.

Charley is a respected industry professional with a reputation for managing projects that are delivered on time, safely and within budget; within both onshore and offshore environments, over more than a decade.

Together, we can deliver a uniquely wide-ranging and completely independent view of offshore wind projects, covering project risk factors from the macro and economic viewpoint down to the details of project delivery.

Click below for all the details, or get in touch via to inquire about course delivery to your team.


Further info:Managing Risk in Offshore Wind Projects


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