Diary Dates

The table below lists some of the places and dates that I’m scheduled to be during the year.

IMPORTANT: Bear in mind these notes:

  • The table shows public training courses already published, plus other events I’m due to speak at or visit
  • Note that, even after publication, events sometimes get postponed or moved
  • The table doesn’t show public training courses which I have agreed to do, but which the organiser hasn’t announced yet
  • The table doesn’t show, for obvious reasons, other “in-house” (private) training or consulting work I have scheduled

Contact info@greycellsenergy.com if you are interested in more details of the events listed (or a “sneak preview” of other dates yet to be published)

1Singapore07 May 2018Energy Storage (Public Training)
2Glasgow, UK02 May 2018All Energy (conference & expo: visiting)
3London, UK18 Jun 2018Energy Storage (public training)
4Mexico City09 Jul 2018Renewable Energy MiniMBA (public training)
5Johannesburg, S. Africa17 Jul 2018Energy Storage (public training)
6Singapore30 Jul 2018Renewable Power Projects (public training)
7London, UK20 Aug 2018Renewable Energy MiniMBA (public training)
8Johannesburg, S. Africa20 Jul 2018Electric Vehicles & the Grid (public training)
9Singapore10 May 2018Electric Vehicles & the Grid (public training)
10Singapore02 Aug 2018Energy Storage (public training)