Coming Soon: New EV Course!

I’m currently busy developing new materials and quantitative models for a new course, arriving early in 2018.

It’ll provide a thorough introduction into the issues around the disruptive shift from conventional to electric vehicles, viewed from the perspective of the power system.

  • How much extra electricity will we need to generate?
  • Are EVs really cleaner than conventional cars, or are we simply shifting emissions from tailpipe to power plant?
  • What happens if everyone wants to charge at the same time?
  • Why are forecasts for the future so varied and uncertain?
  • What are the key barriers that need to be overcome if EVs are to replace conventional cars?
  • What business opportunities and risks do these barriers create?

If you’re interested in the answers to these questions and more, all presented with the thoroughness, insight and thought-provoking style of a Grey Cells Energy course, keep the course page bookmarked, or send an email with the subject line “EV course” to

Hope to see you on the course!


John Massey,

Managing Director, Grey Cells Energy Ltd.


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