“CODA” Clean Energy Opportunity & Risk Analysis

I’m delighted to announce a new course that’s been a long time in the making!

Clean Energy Opportunity & Risk Analysis


It draws on my over 25 years experience of working in fast-moving, technology-driven industries in a variety of research, analysis and strategic planning roles. It’s the result of a long process of distilling down the activities I’ve gone through during this time into a repeatable framework – and summarising the findings, patterns and activities I see time and time again. It’s designed to show you how to take a structured and systematic approach to your business and investment planning, doing so by examining both current market conditions and the questions of resilience and risk in the face of future change.

I’ll present and illustrate a systematic approach which considers not just current market conditions and project deliverability, but also business sustainability (adaptability) in the face of future market change. I call this approach “CODA” analysis, since it combines current market conditions with the outlook for market change, helping guide you towards a project which is both deliverable and adaptable.

Specifically tailored to the clean energy sector, we’ll identify key factors in market opportunities and business risks, connect aspects of current planning with future risks and examine ways to formalise the analysis process (for example through methods such as checklists, scorecards and risk maps).

I don’t promise single, simple answers to every specific challenge facing every different clean energy business developer or investor. Indeed, beware of anyone who tells you such simple answers exist! Instead I’ll encourages you to think more comprehensively about market and risk analysis, in a structured way and with example tools that you can take away and immediately tailor to the specifics of your own business.

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