Live Training

Small-Group Training:

  1. Ideal for teams: quickly bring everyone to a consistent level of knowledge

  2. Full interaction with the trainer, for questions, discussions and on-the-day flexibility

  3. Ask the questions specific to your business, in a private environment

  4. Bespoke: specify learning objectives, topic coverage and timings

  5. Learn at your own site, to your own schedule

  6. Avoid the out-of-office time, multiple attendance fees and travel/hotel costs of a public course

I can easily say that it was the best investment I ever made for my professional development. John is a wonderful communicator and has the ability to translate the most complex technical matters into the simplest of words.Aun Mela, Renewable Energy Analyst, Saudi Aramco

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Explore these sample course agendas:

Clean Energy Opportunity & Risk Analysis

Explore my "CODA" approach to opportunity and risk analysis, to build business resilience in the clean energy sector

Electric Vehicles (EVs) & the Power System

This course, new in 2018, provides a comprehensive introduction to the impact of EVs on the power system, including generation requirements, grid challenges, "smart" requirements and more.

Making the Case for Electricity Storage

A comprehensive introduction to the market for grid-connected electricity storage, by a variety of means and at a range of scales.

New Opportunities for Onshore Wind Projects

An essential briefing to identify a variety of new opportunities in onshore wind projects, as technologies and market conditions evolve.

Managing Risk in Offshore Wind Projects

An essential briefing to identify, plan for and manage a variety of risk factors, both internal and external, in offshore wind projects.

Renewable Power Project Economics

A training course giving a comprehensive insight into how renewable power projects make money: the returns and the risks.

Renewable Power: a 5-day “MiniMBA”

Understand the competitive dynamics, market environments, project risk factors and integration challenges associated with the transition to renewable power.

Power System Flexibility

Power systems are evolving to be more "flexible". What does this actually mean and what is the competitive context for those seeking to provide the many possible solutions?

In-person & Online: 

(Is there something specific on your mind, which you quickly need explained? Inquire about setting up a live, one-to-one session via Skype, Google+ or similar).

  1. Ideal for individuals or very small groups (<5): learn when and where it suits you

  2. Suited to short, topic-specific sessions (+/- 1 hour)

  3. Get answers to or opinion on particular, urgent questions

  4. Retain the interactivity of live training within a busy schedule that suits bite-sized, flexible learning

  5. Total flexibility, from a single session to a structured series

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