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To see the full picture of the transition taking place within the power industry, it’s crucial to step out of your everyday working silo. You need to join the dots between technology and economics, financial returns and on-the-ground delivery, incumbent players and new entrants, industry and policy. Only then can you build a resilient business and investment strategy, one that’s adaptive to new opportunities while realistic about current and future risks.

I’ll help you join the dots you know well with the ones you don’t – and I’ll add in ones you hadn’t even thought about. I’ll draw the picture in a way that’s logical, clear and business-focused.Dr John Massey, Managing Director, Grey Cells Energy Ltd.

Small-group training

With a maximum of 20 attendees (10-15 is ideal, though fewer is fine too), these sessions are certainly not lectures. Instead they are highly interactive, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions, discuss the key issues and get specific interests covered. 

  1. Ideal for teams: quickly bring everyone to a consistent level of knowledge

  2. Full interaction with the trainer, for questions, discussions and on-the-day flexibility

  3. Ask the questions specific to your business, in a private environment

  4. Bespoke option: specify learning objectives, topic coverage and timings

  5. Learn at your own site, to your own schedule

  6. Avoid the out-of-office time, multiple attendance fees and travel/hotel costs of a public course

One-to-one coaching

Is there something specific on your mind, which you quickly need explained? Or would you like a personalised series of knowledge-building sessions to get you up-to-speed for a new job role – or to help you get one. Inquire about setting up live, one-to-one sessions via Skype, Google+ or similar.

  1. Ideal for individuals: learn when and where it suits you

  2. Suited to short, topic-specific sessions (+/- 1 hour)

  3. No need to wait until a group can all co-ordinate their diaries

  4. Don’t feel pressured by other attendees: ask what you want and go at your speed

  5. Total flexibility, from a single session to a structured series

Explore sample course agendas

These are examples of current “standard” course agendas, the basis of public courses run in partnerships with various 3rd-party event organisers. They certainly give a good feel for the topics covered and have been designed to be logical and well-structured – so they are a good starting point from which to discuss any specific or customised requirements.

Mastering Energy Storage

A comprehensive introduction to the market dynamics, technology trends, business case and project planning considerations for grid-connected electricity storage at a range of scales (from "utility-scale" to distributed).

Renewable Power & the Energy Mix (the “MiniMBA”)

Understand the competitive dynamics, market environments, project risk factors and integration challenges associated with the transition to renewable power.

Mastering Solar Power

A comprehensive, up-to-date and business-focused roadmap to success in delivering solar power growth by understanding the key factors from an integrated and commercial viewpoint (from target market analysis and economic competitiveness to project development practices and emerging technologies).

The New Economics of Renewable Power Projects

Understand the new business case and financial considerations for ‘variable’ renewable power projects, as prices and subsidies shrink, but the value of flexibility grows and the revenue opportunities diversify.

Clean Energy Opportunity & Risk Analysis

Learn how to take a systematic, manageable and effective approach to business opportunity and risk analysis, to help you build resilience and adaptability into your clean energy project or product strategy planning

Charging Electric Vehicles: Power System & Value Chain Impacts

A comprehensive introduction to the impact of EVs on the power system, including generation and power-management challenges (and opportunities), deployment and pilot project lessons, the competitive positioning of incumbents and new entrants, issues from early adoption to mass market.

Managing Risk in Offshore Wind Projects

An essential briefing to identify, plan for and manage a variety of risk factors, both internal and external, in offshore wind projects.

Hydrogen: the Business Briefing

An essential business introduction to the growing role of hydrogen in the clean energy sector, covering technology trends, market opportunities and deployment challenges.
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Most importantly: list data is never ever shared, sold, rented or otherwise provided to any 3rd parties!

I can easily say that it was the best investment I ever made for my professional development. John is a wonderful communicator and has the ability to translate the most complex technical matters into the simplest of words.Aun Mela, Renewable Energy Analyst, Saudi Aramco

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