Clean Energy Progress by Sector



This week’s chart should require very little explanation. 

It provides a sobering look at how far the global energy system is towards decarbonisation: not much!

There’s been rapid growth in low-carbon electricity supply, in particular wind and solar in recent years adding to a still-growing large base of hydropower. Nuclear’s growth has stalled, but it is still an important source of low-carbon supply (and, for those who advocate its removal, a big chunk of low carbon supply that would need to be replaced).

In percentage terms though, even the progress towards electricity decarbonisation has been slow, despite rapid supply growth – I’ve pointed out in a previous chart why this is: continuing increased in demand, which is eating up much of that new supply.

In heat and, in particular, transport, we’ve barely got started down a decarbonisation route.

If your glass is half empty, that may leave you feeling depressed.

If your glass is half full though, you’ll be anticipating potentially huge market growth opportunities for a variety of proposed solutions from battery cars to heat pumps and hydrogen ecosystems to carbon capture and storage!


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