100MW of capacity: how much space?



The chart below compares the land use of three projects with 100MW of power capacity (the three coloured areas are at the same scale).

Of course, while indicative of stark differences, there are also a number of cautions that should be applied before extrapolating the conclusions more widely.

For example the storage project shown has a relatively low energy (MWh) capacity – and it is stacking up more cells to provide more storage duration that will most multiply area usage for battery projects. At the other end of the scale, a tiny amount of the indicated wind farm area is actually covered in turbines, access roads or other infrastructure; so there is plenty of scope for dual land-use. Nevertheless, in terms of access to sites, land-lease negotiations, visual impact and other factors, the need for more land can create challenges in project development.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that, even within one sector, land use can vary widely: no two 100MW wind farms will require the exact same amount of land.


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