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Calculating with Capacity Factor
With this calculator, you can see - in a very simplified way! - how changes in capacity factor interact with costs and energy prices to influence the economic outcomes of a power project.
There are two columns, so you can compare two hypothetical examples (you can change the names if you want).
The inputs are in green and the outputs in yellow. To alter the inputs, don't type anything, use the sliders instead. When you drag and release, the calculations will automatically update. The time period used for the calculations of energy, average power, full load hours and revenue is one year.
The final row, "Investment / Annual Revenue" is just a simple ratio of the cost to build the project vs. the revenues generated each year. So you could regard that as a very simplistic view of payback time (obviously ignoring a whole range of other variables that would impact that in reality, such as operating costs, financing costs and more - we'll list more of these in a later lesson). 
All other things being equal, and assuming a project runs for many years beyond this payback point, the sooner your investment is paid back, the more time you'll spend making money - and hence the more money you'll eventually make. So you could also regard a smaller number here as indicating a better project to be investing in (quicker payback, higher returns): again with the caveat that the real financial choice of projects requires a lot more in depth analysis than that!!
Capacity (MW)
Cost per Watt ($)
Capacity Factor (%)
Energy Price ($/MWh)
Average Power Output (MW)
Energy Production (MWh)
Full Load Hours
Revenue (m$)
Investment Cost (m$)
Simple Payback: (Investment / Annual Revenue)