VIDEO: Analysing Peak Power in South Australia

Not surprising, given current market trends and growth, my Energy Storage training course is proving to be one of my most popular.

Emerging as one of the key applications for storage is the opportunity to replace or augment conventional sources of peak power supply. That’s because peak power is inherently problematic, requiring expensive, flexible and often climate-unfriendly generating capacity to exist to meet levels of demand that are infrequently reached.

As part of the promotional campaign for a public (open) version of the course for one of my event organising partners (Green Power Academy), I created and presented the webinar below, giving a brief introduction to some of the issues around peak power, including the amount of storage capacity that might help deliver it. To do so, I picked one extreme market – South Australia – and used real data to illustrate and quantify some of the key points.

Enjoy the webinar and get in touch if you want to know more about the course (both public courses or to inquire about having me help you understand more about energy storage on a private, in-house or even one-to-one basis)

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You can also read a written version of the webinar as a blog post here.

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