VIDEO: Electric Vehicles & Electricity Supply

New for 2018, I’ve developed my Electric Vehicles & the Power System training course.

It looks at the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) not from the vehicle point of view, but from a grid and power system planning point of view:

  • How much extra electricity will be required?
  • Can we provide it at the right times and places?
  • What other impacts will the electrification of transport have on the system (both negative and positive)?

As part of the promotional campaign for a public (open) version of the course for one of my event organising partners (Green Power Academy), I created and presented the webinar below, giving a brief introduction to some of the issues around electricity supply and EVs.

Enjoy the webinar and get in touch if you want to know more about the course (both public courses or to inquire about having me help you understand EV/power system impacts on a private, in-house or one-to-one basis)

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