Advisory and Consulting Services

Astute New Energy is a joint venture partnership of Profit for Principles Ltd. & Grey Cells Energy Ltd. 

It was co-founded by Charley Rattan, a renewable energy trouble-shooter with over 20 years of energy and hands-on power project development experience, and Dr John Massey, a market analyst and trainer with over 20 years of experience helping businesses understand new technology markets, business plans and growth strategies.

Charley Rattan (left) & John Massey (right)

By combining these two complementary skill and experience sets, Astute New Energy provides consulting and knowledge-building services for value-chain companies seeking to capitalise from the growth of utility-scale renewable power.

Astute’s core focus is currently the offshore wind sector along with associated and emerging areas of project and infrastructure development leading to zero-carbon energy; including energy storage and hydrogen.

Astute helps supply chain companies, technology innovators and investors to identify and secure new business opportunities, doing so by providing advisory and analytical services or commissioned reports on:

  • Strategy and business planning;
  • Product positioning and market entry;
  • Stakeholder mapping and liaison;
  • Project and market risk identification;
  • Technology status and trends;
  • Project development and planning.

Astute is particularly focused on providing responsive and cost-effective opportunities for small and medium-sized innovators to better navigate the energy landscape and meet the needs of their tier-1 target customers.

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Podcast: The UK Energy Scene (May 2019)

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Podcast: Offshore Wind, what does the future hold?

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For new entrants (or others) seeking time-effective, independent, hype-free and well-informed topic or market briefings, we also deliver internal staff training, external stakeholder education or other small-group seminars and discussion sessions.

Here are examples of current market briefing/seminar agendas – but do inquire even if your particular topic of interest isn’t shown.

Opportunity & Risk in Offshore Wind Projects

An essential briefing to identify new opportunities and plan for and manage a variety of risk factors, both internal and external, in offshore wind projects.

Market Assessment for Clean Hydrogen

A comprehensive, participative course, providing the knowledge and tools to segment and analyse opportunity & risk within emerging hydrogen economies.

Inquire below: