“It is the brain, the little grey cells, on which we must rely”

… said Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie’s famous Belgian detective.

Helping your business respond to transformation & disruption

With the energy market in an era of unprecedented and rapid change, business decision-makers need to work from a solid foundation of knowledge. It must be one that includes a clear understanding of how multiple market factors – from technology to economics, project planning to politics – relate and interact.

They need knowledge which is presented in a clear, commercially-focused and hype-free way, by an independent expert with no vested interests and no other products or services to promote along the way.

My clients tell me there isn’t a shortage of information out there, there’s a deluge. They want me to save them time and money, by helping them navigate it and pick out what really matters to their businesses.

I’ve spent over 25 years doing just that: researching, understanding, sifting and structuring key market information – then explaining and presenting it in a way that encourages business people to think, question and act.

I take a critical thinking approach (not rose-tinted glasses) – after all, your business needs to know the barriers and risks, not just the opportunities and returns!

I value quantitative analysis to illustrate and support qualitative description. I particularly enjoy helping non-technical, commercially-focused business people understand fast-moving technology markets in their economic and competitive context – identifying connections and synergies both within and between different market sectors.

Topics covered

For more detail on topics, you should browse these example training agendas.

However here’s a quick summary of the interconnected clean energy issues that I focus on:

Renewable power in the electricity mix:

  • Essential features of all types of renewable energy and how each ‘fit’ differently into the energy mix
  • Focus on solar and wind: the growth and integration of “variable” renewables
  • Economics, policy, market context and financial analysis (including finance for non-financial people)
  • Project development and delivery: key processes and risks

Energy storage, including clean hydrogen:

  • Market segmentation and monetisation
  • Competitive positioning of the major storage technologies
  • Batteries (Lithium-ion, flow & emerging), hydrogen, pumped hydro and other alternatives
  • Utility-scale and behind-the-meter applications, including new business models such as aggregation

Transport electrification:

  • The challenges and opportunities created by EV charging, including smart charging and V2G
  • How routes to electrification (battery vs. hydrogen fuel cell), charging infrastructure and customer behaviour impact the power system
  • The integration of EV charging (and/or hydrogen production) with renewable power and stationary storage
  • Value-chain shifts and convergence within the power and transport sectors

The evolving grid & power system:

  • The growth of distributed generation and its system impacts
  • Changing power markets, new system operation models and market entry opportunities
  • ‘Smart’, mini and other grid transformations
  • Solutions and market opportunities for system flexibility

Delivery options

There are three core ways I can help you or your business:

  • By delivering training in-person, to a small-group, as a training course or workshop.

  • By coaching you online, on a one-to-one basis, via short sessions or a structured, personalised programme.

  • By helping you with business strategy, market opportunity and project risk analysis via advisory or consulting work.

Note: for individuals seeking to attend open (public) training courses, I partner with a number of industry-leading event organisers, delivering training according to their specific dates and requirements.

For companies seeking in-house (private) work, or individuals seeking one-to-one coaching, please contact me directly.

Whatever your preference, the best thing to do is fill in the inquiry form.

Client Feedback

Naturally, everyone writes a favourable description of themselves!

So rather than just take my word for it, I encourage you to browse some of the testimonials I’ve received in recent years.

I look forward to helping you!

Dr John Massey,

Managing Director, Grey Cells Energy Ltd

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